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  • April, 2023- McElyea Law concludes personal injury case arising out of brain injury to client resulting in seven (7) figure settlement. Terms and details confidential.
  • September, 2020- Tom McElyea of McElyea Law concludes lawsuit stemming from sexual abuse claims against Dallas-Fort Worth church concerning a minor client sexually abused over 15 years ago. Terms of settlement confidential.
  • September, 2020- McElyea Law prevails on fraud and Deceptive Trade Practice Claims (DTPA) on behalf of 95 year old client against building contractor.
  • August, 2020- McElyea Law successfully defends client wrongfully accused of neglect/abuse of her child and convinces local law enforcement not to pursue criminal charges against client.
  • August, 2020- McElyea Law secures recovery of out of state judgement and collection on behalf of client that had been pursuing defendant in several states over the years. Mr. McElyea was retained to pursue debtor in Texas and successfully recovered funds on behalf of client.
  • March, 2020- McElyea Law successfully resolves termination of father’s parental rights after it was determined several years later that the father was not the actual biological parent of child in question. Client had been paying child support for several years and had admitted to paternity. After retaining the firm the presumption of paternity was defeated and rights terminated.
  • February, 2020- McElyea Law concludes several years long highly contested custody battle reuniting father with son from Godparents after removal by Child Protective Services in 2015.
  • July, 2019- McElyea Law settles sexual assault claims on behalf of client against employer. Terms of settlement confidential.
  • June, 2019- Confidential settlement reached with healthcare facility for sexual assault of patient.
  • December, 2018- Sexual assault case settled arising out of sexual groping, manipulation and improper relationship between West Texas church employee and minor child. Terms of settlement confidential.
  • November, 2018- Tom McElyea settles sexual abuse claims for minor child stemming from abuse in mid-1970’s against prominent Catholic church. Settlement terms confidential.
  • September, 2018- Dallas Theological Seminary settles latest lawsuit over graduate who sexually abused North Texas boys
  • August, 2018- Tom McElyea of McElyea Law settles case for client sexually assaulted after company sponsored event against Dallas based corporation. Settlement terms are confidential.
  • August, 2018- Tom McElyea of McElyea Law settles lawsuit stemming from sexual abuse claims against Dallas-Fort Worth area church concerning a client sexually abused over 15 years ago. Due to terms of settlement, identity of victim and defendants as well as amount of settlement are confidential.
  • June, 2018- Tom McElyea of McElyea Law concludes case for corporate executive for claims concerning compensation withheld upon discharge from the company. Settlement terms are confidential.
  • June, 2018- McElyea Law resolves sexual discrimination and harassment claims on behalf of client against Fortune 500 company. Terms of settlement remain confidential.
  • December, 2017- Tom McElyea secures settlement on behalf of patient groped and assaulted at upscale Rehabilitation facility during treatment in North Texas. Due to terms of settlement, identity of parties and amount of settlement remain confidential.
  • November, 2017- McElyea Law resolves sexual harassment lawsuit on behalf of woman executive against multi-million dollar company and CEO for sexual harassment, assault and wrongful termination claims. Terms of the settlement are confidential.
  • July, 2017- McElyea Law resolves near catastrophic 18-wheeler accident on behalf of elderly client against interstate trucking company. Terms of settlement confidential under agreement.
  • June, 2017- Father wins sole custody of daughter after hiring McElyea Law during two (2) year court battle in East Texas.
  • February, 2017- McElyea Law secures Judgement on behalf of individual investor against oil company defendant and principal of company for investor fraud (executive detained pending criminal sentencing).
  • December, 2016- Tom McElyea secures favorable settlement for client sexually molested by therapist in Denton County, Texas. Settlement terms are confidential.
  • July, 2016- Lawsuit settled on behalf of victim against prominent church in Fort Worth, Texas for sexual abuse. Due to the nature of the settlement, the terms are confidential.
  • June, 2016- McElyea Law resolves claim against Dallas hospital for invasion of privacy and intentional infliction of emotional distress claims. Terms of the settlement confidential.
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