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Texas Child Custody Basics

Child custody and visitation rights (also referred to as “access and visitation” or “possession” in Texas) must be carefully protected during divorce proceedings. The overriding concern in these determinations is always what is in the best interests of the child or children.

The resolution of child-related issues can set you up for successful co-parenting as you move forward. As the founding attorney at McElyea Law, I will work with you to tailor a strategy that meets your unique family needs. In fact, one of the differences is that I personally handle each step of your family law case from start to finish. You can count on having a partner throughout the process.

Dealing With Child Custody Disputes Whenever They Occur

Initial child custody determinations made in the divorce process are important and should never be taken lightly. Being awarded sole or joint managing conservator responsibilities will also affect a child support obligation. Mistakes at the initial stage can be difficult to change.

However, even the most carefully designed parenting plan can become unworkable after several years as the children grow and circumstances change. In addition to helping families with initial parenting plans, I can also assist you with child custody modifications. Some of the circumstances that may necessitate a new order include:

  • Relocation for career advancement or to be closer to family.
  • Changes in the needs of a child such as a diagnosis of autism that requires a move to be closer to specialists.
  • Alcohol abuse related to a parent’s untreated mental illness may mean a parent is no longer best suited to care for a child.

When arguments flare years after an initial custody determination, find out what options exist by speaking with an attorney.

Find Out How A Child Custody Lawyer Can Help

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