"...I engaged Mr. McElyea last year in order to assist with obtaining a judgement on my behalf against a Texas corporation and its principals. I have only the highest words of praise for Mr. McElyea, who provided top-notch services at a cost that was quite reasonable compared to what one would expect from a large law firm.

Mr. McElyea has a warm, friendly and down-to-earth demeanor and is an excellent communicator. He quickly understood the particulars of my case, crafted a compelling argument on my behalf to present to the court, and swiftly won a victory. He addressed all of my questions with insight and compassion. Throughout what was at times a challenging matter, he remained optimistic, task-oriented, and kept our goal firmly in mind. His confidence is tremendously reassuring to me as a client, as is his ability to translate the letter of the law into practical application.

I recommend Mr. McElyea most highly."


"About 2 ½ years ago, my life changed forever. I was devastated, hurt, disorientated and confused. Having lived an entire lifetime without such trauma, I had no idea what to do next. I was referred to Tom and it was the best decision I ever made. I felt like the elephant literally was lifted off my chest that day. Tom listened with intense empathy and made me feel protected.

During the course of the next months, he always was encouraging and responsive to any of my concerns. When the time came to have my day, he was so great. I felt like I was represented in the very best possible way. I have to agree with the other testimonials, he is a fighter. He represented me that day with determination and grit. There was no question that he was prepared and ready to win.

He was so respectful of my wishes and my privacy. He took such good care of my husband and I. Although there were certainly days I wanted to just hide, he always made me feel like he was on the front line fighting for me, and nobody could get to me.

As with many of the cases that he is called to represent. They are not pleasant. I was so impressed with his knowledge, his experience and the determination to protect me. I was always kept in the loop, and advised of progress.

I would highly recommend Tom to anyone to navigate you thru the legal system. His kindness is so appreciated at a difficult time. However, not to be confused with his tenacity and aggressive nature in your behalf. Thank you Tom, you are truly the BEST of the BEST!"

Flower Mound, Texas

"If ever there was a more aggressive, Cowboy ready to find justice for his client, it's Tom McElyea. That man will slings his guns to help, and is so driven to make things right! I owe him a pair of cowboy boots for burning my hospital gown in his parking lot that afternoon and stomping out the fire giving me great closure. He is driven like no man I have ever met, and he shoots from the hip...straight forward at all times and never sugar coats anything. If there is any word to use to describe Tom, it's compassionate. I was victimized during a hospital stay when I was in a very vulnerable state and could not defend myself. It terrified me and caused stress beyond words, I was so scared. Two men came into my room without identifying themselves not checking my ID and preformed an unnecessary sexual exam on me, all the while having the wrong room and the wrong patient. I was traumatized. The minute I contacted Tom he was immediately full of compassion and extremely professional. He promised me he would handle it, and he did like a pro. He fought for justice for me and was aggressive when he needed to be. But more than anything, Tom cared. He was by my side at all times and was my voice when I didn't have one....fighting so diligently that we settled out of court. I highly recommend Tom McElyea for your legal needs and in the case I ever need legal service again, his number will always be the first one I dial. He's not only my attorney, he's my friend."

Justin, Texas

You have defied conventional wisdom, typical management practices and professional norms to become one of the finest lawyers I have ever known. I have observed first hand, your integrity, sterling character, strong ethics, commitment to excellence in representing your clients and following through when you have things to do. Without question, that puts you in a class by yourself. Keep up the good work! It is truly an honor to know you.

Dallas, Texas

"My business partner and I first met with Mr. McElyea at the beginning of 2015 when my company received a C&D order over our name. While we had the right paperwork, a good case and a 'fighting chance', after about a month of sending letters he was honest with us that it wasn't financially worth the fight for our small company. I appreciated the honesty and the fact that he isn't an attorney just 'looking for billable hours regardless of whether it is in the best interest of the client."Thank you and look forward to using you again if we need it. "

Stephanie Z Grapevine, Texas

"Like a junkyard dog in a fight. Tom has provided me and my Company with sound legal advice over the years. He is qualified, aggressive and his clients' interests is his number one priority"

Bob Heatherly

V.P. & General Manager, Dallas Mack Sales, L.P.

I needed an attorney to help me change the boundaries in my child custody decree and I found Tom online. After my first visit with Tom I knew I had chosen the right attorney for me. He was very reassuring that he would help me through this very stressful time and not to worry. He did just that and did a great job getting it all done. In the future if I need another attorney in Texas I will not hesitate. I will just call Tom!

Dave and Amanda K, Grapevine, TX

"OUTSTANDING representation! Tom's no BS and real world approach was exactly what we were looking for. Always in communication and on the ball. Straight to the point and fast. If we ever need service again we will not hesitate to give Tom a call!"

RG, Colleyville, TX

"Tom McElyea consulted me on the very difficult issue of sexual abuse. He was thoughtful and sincerely concerned, gave me honest, forthright answers. He was non-judgmental when I became emotional (Kleenex conveniently appeared). Even though Tom is not representing me in this out-of-state case, he still made a solid effort to ensure I had the proper resources and pointed me in the right direction for what I needed."

VS, Grapevine,TX

"Tom McElyea has been so compassionate to me at a very difficult and sensitive time, while at the same time has shown such an interest and aggression that is required. I would highly recommend him to any women out there that are dealing with disrespectful and embarrassing situations. His team does not ever quit.....they dig and dig and dig and that gave me a great sense of comfort."

EN, Lewisville, Texas

Tom McElyea is a very knowledgeable, ethical, thorough attorney. He represented me in a very stressful, emotional time in my life. I felt very comfortable with Tom and appreciated the expeditious understanding way in which he handled my case. Tom deserves my highest praise and I would recommend him to all my friends and colleagues.

Dr. Valerie H. Grapevine, Texas

Tom McElyea came to our rescue after our charity purchased acreage and homes in our effort to support homeless children and single mothers. We needed to hire a tough and knowledgeable attorney when the local HOA decided to create issues for us. Tom was the right person for the job, he made the issues disappear and since then has helped us with real estate transactions, keeping the 501C3 current and provides guidance in other legal areas. The Vernon Wells Perfect 10 Charity has been well served by Mr. McElyea. We have found him to be a hard working attorney who advises, negotiates and litigates when necessary.

Marc A. Valenti
Chief Financial Officer
Vernon Wells Perfect 10 Charity

"Tom McElyea's aggressive, expert legal representation is second to no other attorney in the State of Texas. Legal problems are unpleasant and worrisome, but unfortunately are a fact of life. Mr. McElyea is an attorney who steadfastly stays on task until a satisfactory outcome is obtained for his client. I highly recommend Tom McElyea for aggressive, tenacious, expert legal representation."

Stephen O'Brien Grapevine, Texas

"Tom's ability to pick a jury in a hostile venue benefited his client in ways it never understood. His ethical representation provided the basis for a fair settlement. That wouldn't have happened without Tom. He possesses one of the rare traits of the modern day trial lawyer: the willingness and ability to go to the courthouse. It's that trait that sets him apart from many 'litigators.'"

Doug Monsour, Attorney at Law
Price & Monsour, Longview, Texas

"Tom McElyea is one of the most aggressive lawyers we have worked with on a case. He is well prepared hardworking and very attentive to his work which serves his clients extremely well."

Tim Robinson, Attorney at Law
Robinson & Schwab, Plano, Texas

"When I was first referred to Tom McElyea, I found him to be incredibly responsive. He got to the root of the problem, and offered very practical solutions. Best of all, he represented me in a very professional manner and I was proud to have him as my attorney."

Al Suarez (client)
Al Suarez & Associates, Southlake, Texas

"Your perseverance combined with your appropriately aggressive work method is refreshing. I have truly enjoyed the opportunity to work with you and wouldn't hesitate to recommend you..."

L.Munsch (client)
Lewisville, Texas

"Tom McElyea brings a unique perspective to trucking litigation. His years of experience defending major trucking companies makes Tom the only logical choice when deciding to whom to refer cases involving truck accidents."

Jonathan Stark, Attorney at Law
Daniel & Stark, Grapevine, Texas

"McElyea is a seasoned and gifted trial advocate who will vigorously and competently represent his client's interests."

John Bickel, Attorney at Law
Bickel & Brewer, Dallas, Texas

"Tom is exceptionally efficient attorney with a strong background of experience & knowledge. He represented me very well and disposed of my case quickly. I would use his services again and recommend him highly."

B. Coggins (client)
Grapevine, Texas

"First of all I thank you for your prompt attention and excellent communication with me on how things were being handled..."

S. Arrieta (client)
Double Oak, Texas

"McElyea is an outstanding lawyer. His tireless efforts on my behalf have convinced me that his client is Number 1."

Paul A. Hudson (client)
Certified Public Accountant, Southlake, Texas

" I was very impressed with the professionalism and expertise in which Tom McElyea handled my case. The level of service that I received was definitely top shelf. He made me feel at ease, and confident about my case and I felt like he treated me as if he were representing a close friend or family member. I would highly recommend Tom McElyea to my friends, family or business associates."

Mark Martinez, CEO
M2 Technology, Inc.

"I have not very good experiences with Lawyers in the past, so I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised when I first met Tom McElyea. Here was an attorney so personable and straight forward I didn't feel like I was talking to an attorney! He guided me through the entire process of a personal injury suit and helped me to negotiate and reach a substantial settlement so no trial was necessary. I will use him again in the future for all my legal needs."

Renny H.